Abacus by Office-hub
UX research & prototype (AcademyXi)

Office Hub Prop-Tech Experience Case Study

Did you know that 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020? That is a relevant forecast to keep in mind, showing a behaviour indicating that more people are choosing a more flexible lifestyle, and we have to be aware of this.

The World-First Bidding Tool for Flexible Workspaces created by Office Hub. Abacus puts your shortlist of office spaces in one place and allows you to make bids straight to the owner to secure your dream workspace for less. My role was to improve the usability and to investigate the drop off of the users after receiving the email with the shortlist of offices.

The Problem

Abacus by Office-Hub wanted us to improve the user experience of their prospective co-work space tenants. They wanted us to encourage users to;

  • Understand the on-boarding process via an email link.
  • Compare and bid on shortlist workspaces.
  • Book a tour to one or more of the shortlisted spaces.
  • Improve, frequency of communication, content & layout.

The Team

  • 2 Ux Designers.
  • 1 Ux Writter.


  • CEO.
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Manager

My role in the project:As a team, we worked on 2-week sprints delivering 10 usability tests. We perform user interviews, in which I led the contextual interviews combined with the usability testing. I completed a heuristic evaluation of their website, and I was in charge of prototyping 1 of the journeys for MPV purposes.

Abacus by Office-hub existing salesforce platform.

The Challenges

The main challenge was to unify the brand Office-hub with Abacus, which felt disconnected and created confusion between the users.

  • Another issue that we faced was the overwhelming amount of digital information during the tour-booking generating drop-offs from the continuity of the process. And lastly but not less important, the counteroffer process wasn't an intuitive interaction.
  • It was challenging to understand the whole business workflow due to the short time that we had to conduct the entire research. I would have loved to be more immersed in the office environment to have a better knowledge of the other products related and how they work.
    The time for Prototyping and usability testing was minimal, which results in making iterations on the go without much room to go in-depth.
Affinity Map and User Flow design.






The Process

We conducted Usability test and User interviews with prospective co-work space tenants to gather insights and accomplish the goal of generating more leads on the Book a tour section.

I collaborated with two other UX designers to gather research data via Usability testing and User interviews to identify what could be improved and what could be disregarded from the effort.

I synthesised research data through by using affinity mapping. We created a lean persona.

We establish the user flow, created wireframes and prototype based on the insights gathered from research and usability testing.

The 3 main insights that we collected where;

  • Features - As a tenant, I need suitable functional features displayed so that I can use them productively.
  • User Communication - As a tenant, I want to be in control of contact between the services so that I am not overwhelmed with communication.
  • Branding - As a tenant, I need clear brand identification of Office Hub & Abacus so that I can understand the correlation.
office hub persona
Mockup of the high-fidelity prototype and "Wanda" our lean persona.

The solution

At the end of the sprint, we found that the users were getting a much more efficient usability experience. They did not feel so overwhelmed with the information provided. There was a clear on-boarding between platforms, they knew how to proceed in each of the steps. In the end, the users were able to identify and correlate the branding between the two products. We also found ourselves with other difficulties that go hand in hand with the business model that affected the experience of the product, so we provided alternative recommendations to them.

Some of the recommendations where:

  • Improve the Ux writing to match the user expectation with the real-life experience.
  • Reduce the amount of content delivered to their clients on written communication


This project was highly valuable to me, and I enjoyed working with the team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Office-hub, they were very helpful on every step of the way in providing the team with what we required or anything additional info that we needed.
As for future considerations, I would recommend Office-hub to improve the UX-copy of the entire site to make their intentions more precise and direct to the user and to work in the simplification of their forms in order to deliver a better experience and engagement with the prospective workspace tenant.